Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Gallaudet CDO Situation.

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In the last few weeks, I have heard of the suspension of the Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) in the administration of Gallaudet University has produced a series of uproars across the media landscape. Even in Washington, DC and in Maryland.

The action by the CDO in signing a petition, to have the gay marriage law proposal put up on the November ballot rather than allowing the Maryland Political law makers have their way in voting, has created a political mine field for the CDO.

While this CDO was speaking with her religious convictions off the campus of Gallaudet University (GU) by signing the petition, it has sparked a much deeper examination if she could really do her job as an independent Chief Diversity Officer. While she is suspended with pay and has retained a lawyer, the situation is not over by a long shot.

President Hurwitz and the administration of GU meets with the GU Board of Trustees (BoTs) to discuss the impact of the CDO: It may be really clear at this point that the CDO has made a very potential career killer mistake of her job on the campus of GU.

The CDO has made some positive impacts for the gay community of GU, but her actions off the campus are already being looked at closely. Some call for her to step down from her position. Many others call for her to be reinstated to her job. 

Even if she was reinstated to her job at GU, the atmosphere of her work is already beyond her comfort zone.
Both sides are now gearing up for a legal war. The students are divided. There is much concern that another protest could happen again on the campus of GU.

In respect, I can understand that she spoke out her mind on religious grounds on the petition to let the Maryland voters have the final say on Gay Marriage, but it has impacted her job as well.

In my understanding of this life, the best advice I've been given is this: "With Religious convictions, be careful where you sign something and where you work. I've been told to leave religious convictions at home and do my job where I work and support the diversity community".

Perhaps the CDO has learned that lesson WAY TOO LATE already in signing that political petition.

So what happens now?

In my honest opinion: The current CDO must resign from GU and hope that she can obtain a better career else where in her life. Gallaudet will be closely looking at the next candidate of the Chief Diversity Officer.

But let me give the students of GU some sage advice: Speak your mind out to the administration and the Board of Trustees of GU. DO NOT DO A PROTEST. This situation can be well handled by the GU BoTs and very possible by the local courts.

However, if this ends the administration of Alan Hurwitz, the future of GU isn't really pretty. Especially if the administration staff of GU go politically and religiously rouge off the campus. Let's hope the future staffs of GU be more politically careful.

And please: Leave religious convictions at home or on a blog. Thank you.

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