Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The day after October Superstorm Super Strike

G'day Everyone.

This storm was predicted to be the worst of the worst of all hurricane storms. At the moment, it is now a Super Snows storm maker as the Hurricane Sandy breaks up and becomes a serious remain of storms.
Travel is uneasy right now as people are out there trying to clean up the mess, repair the damages, rescue others who needlessly trapped themselves in places where they were told to evacuate.

God only knows just how bad and how many people are hurt and how many people have actually died.
As we ask ourselves questions about this storm, we are far from the many answers save that only God can answer them. We have to be thankful it was only a category 1 storm. It could have been much worse than
it was predicted to be.

NY City is suffering from many disasters that have struck cross the area. Tune in to CNN to find out what is happening.

Lately, complaints have up as many Governors and political people have appeared on TV. But many of the deaf have asked of WHERE WAS THE SIGN LANGUAGE INTERPRETER?? If deaf people are there to listen to what's being spoken, nobody should have to run to the nearest TV to see the live conference in closed caption.

I do say that it was an enjoyment to watch governors and important people appear with a Sign Language interpreter so that deaf people can know what to be expected of what to do. With out a sign language interpreter present next to important people, you can expct some back lash. (yes, Gov. Corbett this impacts you too!!).

As we look down the road to recovery from the storm, we should hope the skies will clear up tonight. By tonight, in some places, it should be a very nice harvest moon rather than an evil one. In some places, halloween is being cancelled out of respect to those impacted by the disaster. Kids are most likely to understand. Hopefully, they will be happy to still have some candy as a treat.

To readers out in the west virginia area, I hope you have been more than prepared for the snow storm. I hope you have an enjoyable and friendly snow ball battle for me today.

May we all recover well from Hurricane Super Storm Sandy.

until next post, I'll clue *howl* (dang wolf) in!

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