Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sports World has too many lock outs and strikes!

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When it comes to the Sports World of Professional games, some times we have too many lock outs and strikes that can impact many players and labor issues over job security and money. Just like the recent Chicago Teacher's strikes.

For the fans, it can be the end of the passion of the games and go look for another sport that is still playing to enjoy. Like baseball play-offs or college football.

But earlier the weeks of the NFL Referees Lock out that wasn't resolved before the Football season began, replacement referees were running the games. Yes, bad calls are an ugly issue. The recent one?

When a Monday Night Football game produced an UGLY call that was so controversial, it was complained over and lambasted all the way up to: THE WHITE HOUSE! How bad was that?

The NFL and The Referees Union down played the entire incident as saying that they were not influenced by the entire bad call by the replacement refs. But various cartoonists took to the drawing board and drew about them in their comic strips. Finally, by last Wednesday, the lock out of the professional NFL referees were finally over. Just in time for the Thursday Night Football games in which they punted the replacement refs off the field.
But that just didn't please the fans who called for the previous few games replayed in the last few weeks over again in order to correct the football season properly. Unfortunately, the NFL is going to let that stand as it is and all the teams have no choice but fighting for points and defending well.

The only lockout that is left is the American Hockey Teams. How will that affect the NHL season? Pretty tough.

In these days of economics, things are really tough. Even though everyone wants job security as well as good pay as long as they can do things healthy and physically. Some how, it can be the following things that affects people: sickness, disease, injuries, and disability. That isn't fun at all.

So, players, coaches, and owners in all sports teams and stadiums have to realize that they must resolve differences way before they reach the lock out or strike stages. But once a lock out or strike stage happens, don't count on fans coming back to the games. Fans are like a fickle wave of popularity with money. Once a team loses not only the popular like of the sport by fans, the money dries up. Then the team, stadiums and owners have a real mess to solve before disbanding.

Let's hope no more strikes in the sports world. There is nothing worse than a strike any where in our nation's economic time.

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