Sunday, September 23, 2012

Considering Work Ethics

G'day Everyone.

Today is a short post as I am about to start a new phase in my life. So it may be awhile before I get back to posting again as much as I like to.

To many Jewish readers: As the High Holy days come to a conclusion on Tuesday with Yom Kippur,
It is my hope that Israel does not attack Iran. It is my better hope that these High Holy days concludes in peace and safety in all the world. May G'd be a blessing for each of you.

Meanwhile, the Chicago teachers have effectively ended their strikes and having the students back in class again. I think the Union leaders realize that they had to convince their people that the contract was the best that they could do under conditions and that ending the strike was a better public relations episode that would appease Chicago and make things better.

Right now, teachers have to work hard and diligent to get the students caught up on all the lessons that should have been learned because there is NO EXTRA SCHOOL DAYS due to the strike. The school year is not extended. They know this so importantly.

Best wishes to the school classes of Chicago. Let us hope your students will be understanding of the pace of studies that awaits them.

As we come down to the last 6 weeks before the General Elections for the President of the United States, Sherlock Steve isn't taking any position this year on who should get support. Both the Democrats and Republicans need to solve problems that our facing our nation. More importantly: It is Congress that is kicking many of their issues down the road including the Fiscal Cliff that needs so desperately to be discussed and solved. If many of these issues are kicked down to the next Congress that begins later in January 2013, then for you, my dear political reader, should start learning all about the political life and your elected representatives. There are those who want to replace them and help lead our nation. Learn all that you can learn in this political season. Make an informed vote. For this year will be counted as the most important vote and time of our nation. Whoever we choose to lead our nation and our congress will be very important.

Until my next post, I pray everyone stays safe. These days of life in this world are not exactly the wonderful days any more. I hope you will all know what to do to be prepared for anything.

G'd bless until later.


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