Saturday, October 6, 2012

Smokers DON'T CARE about the lives of others around them!

G'day Everyone.

As I am looking for my home as I work on a job, I have been living in a local hotel. But you know, an experience on my last night before I came home for the weekend left me with an impression about smokers. A VERY BAD IMPRESSION INDEED!!
When I got ready for bed, every thing was packed away in my room and my AC unit was blowing gentle fresh air in to my room as I got ready to check out the next morning as I had to work and then go home.

No sooner than I had settled down to sleep, with-in an hour my room was filled with 2nd hand cigarette smoke! I was coughing and choke. I had thought to call the front desk, but pulled on my clothes and confronted the offenders in the room next to mine.
They took offense and kept puffing more. My room filled all the more worse. Finally, I had enough.
I pulled my clothes back on and marched down to the front desk.

The offending room people who were staying in a no-smoking room put out their butts and scampered into their room to play the innocent "WHO, US SMOKE?" act. They're not fooling any one. Maids do inspect bed sheets carefully and smokers leave their stench behind, they will not be welcomed back.

Just because smokers check into the hotel and ask for the non-smoking room, it's not right to ask for the "CHEAPER" room. Hotels set a block of non-smoking rooms because it's the State of PA Health law. If a hotel rents that room to smokers, not only it violates the PA Health law, but it puts the lives of non-smokers at risk as well.

Hotels with Non-smoking rooms are there for a reason. It's for the benefit of people who want to breath easy and not worry about smokers. They are for people who are trying to protect their lungs.

But when a smoker is around those same non smoking rooms and smoking OUTSIDE of their rooms, they DO NOT REALIZE that their will not only drift back into their rooms, but also into OTHER people's rooms too! Therefore, they are putting people's lives at a MAJOR RISK!

What would have happened if I had to call 911 and said HELP ME! What would have the smokers done? Would the smokers flee for their lives? Would they be arrested? WHAT?

Most likely they won't get prosecuted, but they can be prosecuted at the JUDGEMENT SEAT OF CHRIST! That's when the same smokers will realize that they will wish they had cared about what they are doing not only to themselves, but to others as well.

If you are a smoker as a reader, then this post is directed at you. Ask yourself a serious question: Is it worth to risk your life AND the life of everyone else around you? Every time you smoke that cigarette or cigar or ANY DAMN KIND OF TOBACCO product, you are hurting not only of yourself, but others as well.

Look at the medical field of people, especially the emergency room workers. There are those that treat smokers that they have a harder time to try to save the smokers lives compared to the non-smoker. The medical costs are VERY MUCH HIGHER for the smoker compared to the non-smoker.

Consider something else: If you were to be hit with cancer due to smoking, you blame the tobacco companies for giving you the cancer, right? Good luck if you win your lawsuit. Because cancers today, especially LUNG CANCER, is very aggressive and you do not have long to live. IT IS A PAINFUL way to die.
But if a smoker gets cancer from you, chances are they'll make it their life's journey to find you but it's most likely that they'll never find you or be able to prove it you gave it to them. HOWEVER: God sees everything right there and clearly! NOTHING IS HIDDEN!

I have personally seen the homes of smokers. It is a stench that is so HARD to breath, it is much more worse in hell as well. The stench is not only on your body, but it's also on your clothes.

I have seen the funeral of smokers. I have personally seen the homes of smokers that they leave behind. It is NOT a pleasant feeling. Homes have to be chemically washed to move all the traces of toxic air of tobacco before a non-smoker can live in the home. I have been in bad hotel rooms where they say it's non-smoker room, but a smoker has destroyed it and the hotel's reputation that it is a non-smoking room. That can be very hard to build back into a non-smoking room again.

So, smokers are you angry yet? I'm sure you are. Because I'm going to hit you again with another fact:
Can you afford to pay for your filthy habit MORE than buying food and much needed living items? The facts are clear: Smokers buy cigarette and other tobacco products more than anything else!  Why are the prices so high? State tax, sin tax, and mostly the tobacco makers are shelling out millions of dollars to people that bring lawsuits after them nearly year after year.

Have you looked at all the ashes and tobacco juices you've flicked and spat away? That is your money, burned up. YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY.

If you value your life and the lives of others: QUIT SMOKING!

If you must stay in a hotel: STAY ONLY IN SMOKING ROOMS. If you must take a non-smoking room, smoke more than 50 feet away from the building!!

God help us. The next smoker that smokes around someone else, someone is going to find themselves in a question of their life: to smoke or not to smoke. You decide if it's worth it. God will tell you IT'S not worth it.

One last thing: With out Christ as a personal savior, you will end up in the smoking section of HELL and then the LAKE OF FIRE.  I can assure you: the smoke of hell and the lake of fire is MUCH WORSE than the smoke of Tobacco and anything else that burns on the earth. You will breath and cough HARD in both places for an eternity! Eternity is a VERY LONG TIME!

So smokers,  you are given a choice now. Good luck. And oh, a final message to my tormentors from the last time they smoked near my room: see you at the judgement seat!!

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