Friday, September 7, 2012

One year after Hurricane Lee

G'day Everyone.

For many people in the North East states of USA, this weekend marks ONE YEAR AFTER Hurricane Lee came for a 3 day stay and dumped too much rain.
Hurricane Lee ONE YEAR LATER

As most communities and states have been rebuilding the land and rebuilding barriers to the rivers and streams, as well as many people's lives have been changed.

Rebuilding a life and a community takes time and effort. But once a flood hits, people leave the area. Most don't come back. New people move in and it takes time for everyone to get to know each other again.

The weather is no longer friendly in this nature of the world. Just as thunderstorms have grown more powerful than before.

Hurricane Lee has changed my area. Maybe not for the better but some improvement in many places.

If you got a story to share about Hurricane Lee, drop me a comment and I may post it.

Until then, eyes to the skies.

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