Monday, September 10, 2012

11 years on 9/11!

G'day Everyone.

Tomorrow, September 11th, 2012 marks 11 years of the day that the United States of America was attacked by men who took advantage of our trust and our security in air travel. These 4 groups of men went on 4 airlines early in the morning of September 11, 2001 and had a plan to cause destruction in 4 places. Of the 3 planes that hit their "targets": The World Trade Center buildings and the Pentagon, it was on the 4th plane where people of our nation bravely gave their lives and fought back.
On that 4th plane, the terrorists knew that there was a chance that their plan would fail and they would be captured. So they decided that they would kill themselves and the fellow passengers in a bid to keep our nation from knowing who sent them to the mission.

It is 11 years later. We know who did send them. The brave men, women, and the intelligence community did the work to find that person. We may not know exactly if we got the right person. But there is one thing:
Justice was served in death of those who sent these terror men.

As we mourn those who had died in the planes and on the ground, we spit upon the graves of the men of terror and condemn them to the judgement of God.

The terror men, who of those that thought would be rewarded in death of killing thousands of people and the destruction of planes and property, are in (with out a doubt about this) IN HELL where they await the day, along with those that have died with them, Judgement Throne day.

Upon that terrible day when the dead are released from hell, looking about and seeing the face of King Jesus, they will instantly know that they will NOT escape the coming announcement of Judgement upon them.
For the terror men: they will cry, scream, beg, and plead for the mercy that they did NOT give their victims nor our nation. The men of terror will be given the most GUILTY verdict of their lives.

For all of those who face the judgement seat of King Jesus, they will be sent to the LAKE OF FIRE, which is eternally the 2nd death. For the men of terror, this will be the moment they will curse the day that they were convinced the eternal rewards were worthy of their death. They will plead with God to bring justice to those that lead them to this awful moment. I personally believe God will make those people appear before them and toss them all to their eternal place of burning.

Remember those who have died on 9/11/2001. Pray that God will comfort our nation and the survivors.
Terrorists will suffer the fate of all evil men: death and justice. That is the price they will pay.

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