Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fall 2012

G'day Everyone!

How was your Labor day 2012 weekend?

In reality, the country of USA has already started to shift into the Fall 2012 season.

On the Sports side, Little League World Series concluded just a last week with Japan taking home the title for a year to celebrate the win. At the same time, Little League World Series will reorganize a bit as well.

It was NO SURPRISE that Penn State University (PSU) had lost to Ohio State. Just how low can the Nittany Lions of PSU can go? Only time will tell. At the same time, Gallaudet University Bisons also lost their first game of the season as well. The Bisons must take their game SERIOUSLY and FOCUS like TRUE FOOTBALL PLAYERS instead of being party animals. Listen to the coaches and feel the call of the REAL GRASS. Fake turf is no replacement for real grass.

In almost any given moment of life: Jerry Sandusky will finally be formally given his prison sentence. STATE prison sentence. At the most, the poor guy is going to be hit with a sentence of 400+ years. But that's an automatic life sentence. Of course, he's still ranting "I'm innocent.". But, another trial could soon prove much more worse than the first. If Jerry Sandusky has any courage of heart left, he'll do the honest thing: Judge himself and spare the community of PSU and State College. But then again, appeals are bound.
But don't forget that PSU still faces many other lawsuits as well.

In the Justice world: George Zimmerman finally got rid of the judge he didn't like as well as his fears of an inability to get a fair trail in his favor. But, it could back fire on him when another court hearing could happen soon. O'Mara better stop doing the mini-trials and focus on his defense of his client. Zimmerman does deserve his day in court but let's hope Zimmerman settles down and be prepared. But shame on Florida for mixing up the release of evidences. *sigh*

Politics stuff: This year, Sherlock is sitting on the fence among with the rest of the independents who express disgust for the political process.
I didn't watch the Republican convention at all this year. Worse yet, Romney and Ryan really doesn't grove on me. I don't even like what's happening in the Republican Party lately. Yet, they're holding the country hostage in congress as usual.
This week the Democrats are already holding their convention already. But should I watch it? I don't think so. What I saw 4 years ago was enough to say, "Thank you, Obama but no".

There are many of us that wish for an INDEPENDENT to RUN FOR PRESIDENT. Unfortunately, nobody is willing to step up and take on two big political parties to run for President. But you know, this is a perfect time if a 3rd person were to step on the stage and say: "I want to be elected PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!". Which means, he would owe no loyalty to either political party but have only loyalty to the AMERICAN CITIZENS of which he is elected by.

You say it's a dream. I say it's possible. Why? If former Governor Mario Cuomo and his rival could convince a 3rd person to make a governor's race competitive for the office of Governor in New York State for at least 6 times, then it can be done for our Presidential election as well.

But sadly, who has courage these days? It will not matter who becomes our president. The fact does remain: The entire country of United States of America is in an economic mess.  So, who can fix and bring it back to the way it was? That's going to be the main question for the voters to answer.

So if you want to vote back Obama in for another 4 years, do so. If you think Romney can do it? Help yourself. But don't join us independents on the fence after voter guilt sets in later.

The future of our nation is now arriving. Reality check time. Who wants to pay? (everyone scatters).
See, gets them every time.

Until next post, I'll clue you in later! Enjoy the week.

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