Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Last Summer Sunday.

G'day Everyone!

Here it is! Finally, the last Summer Sunday is here. Today's the Little League World Series Championship games here in my home town. Who's winning?
check this out: LLWS SCORES

at 3pm EDT, Japan will play against Tennessee for the Championship title. It should be a good game.

Overall, this is the last good Summer weekend of our life time before Fall 2012 begins right after Labor day which is next weekend.

Right now, Hurricane Isaac is hitting Florida just before the Republican National Convention got started. At the same time, every one's looking closely at the NYC police department as too many people were hurt as police shot and killed a lone gunman. It make me wonder if they, NYC police, should have been more careful where they shoot in a city that has many people? I don't like it. but nobody deserves to be shot too.

Keep an eye on your week. Hopefully things will go well.

Other than that, I'm getting set for changes in my life. Until next pose, I'll clue you in!

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