Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Chicago's Teachers: GET BACK TO WORK!

G'day Everyone.

The City of Chicago, Ill can finally breath relief that the teachers have gone back to work. If the strike had gone on much longer, both sides would have ended up in major losses among the kids and parents as well.

But thankfully, the teachers had made a decision because they knew the political tensions were starting to stir at the point that the longer the strike continued, the more trouble would come down the road for them. In the end, most did not like the contract they had to vote on. Making the one choice to call off the strike and get back to work was the main idea to do before things got worse.

Some friends that live in Chicago are watching to make sure that these teachers stay at their jobs and listening to the kids feed back every day. It's a family home environment that is playing out around the Chicago areas. Which means, these parents will make a decision down to the road of whatever to stay in Chicago or leave so that their kids will get a better education.

A teacher strike is the most ugly thing to happen. But a teaching profession is the most hardest and some times dangerous line of work as well. Teachers are trying to prepare the next generations to be ready to take on responsibility that will greatly be needed and giving them the life skills that they need to live on.

The greater question is: Why haven't we seen any professors strikes from the colleges? Unfortunately, many of these colleges have given college professors good contracts to live well to teach college students.

One thing that both Teachers and College unions should be aware: Be careful that you do NOT kill the tax payer and the student payers. The higher the pay incomes you ask, the greater the chances that less taxes and incomes from students and families will happen. Then both the state and high education institutions will go BROKE. Remember the lessons of the automakers and Wisconsin. When Unions break the golden egg of the tax payers, there will be no more funds at all for them.

Right now, teachers and professors must do their jobs well to stay employed. In this economic recession, they need this job to teach kids and students. They fail, the kids and students suffer in a very bad way.  Let us hope that there will be NO MORE TEACHERS STRIKES, least the tax payers revolt next.
Will Chicago Teachers be successful in what they are doing? Ask me in 4 years. Then we'll all know for sure.

Until then, class is in session in the windy city of Chicago. Hopefully, all the kids and teachers will catch up as the best that they can do.

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