Saturday, September 15, 2012

Attack on an Embassy?

G'day Everyone.

September 11th was a day that our nation remembers it's dead and people still dying from the massive attack that hit New York City by Terrorists back in 2001.

Now 11 years later, an anti-Muslim film stirs up people in the middle east and around the world and causes Muslims to attack our embassies. What's worse is that some of the worst of the terror people use the Muslim people as a COVER to attack and assassinate our ambassador in Libya!
Our Ambassador and 3 other state department employees came home to a hero's funeral.
But what sort of justice of response will America bring on the Muslim people who aided and assisted the people or terror?
In the interests of justice, the Muslim community should surrender the people of terror for justice. Hiding them doesn't help the country or the people of Islam.
However, there are better ways for the Muslim community to complain about an anti-Muslim film than attacking an Embassy of America. Attacking an Embassy of America is an act of war in the host country.

The host country has every right to ask Embassy of USA to leave in order to protect the people, even the Muslim community.

But what of the future now? A dead ambassador and 3 people killed, Embassies being attacked and a Muslim community in full riots across the world, this is not good.

The question remains: what will bring back a calm world? A dead film maker? More dead innocent people? That is not the answer. The answer is.. the riots must stop and the Muslim community takes a step back and take a deep breath. Doing that is the right thing.

Right now.. we need a calm moment and bring to realization that we must work together or else, this world is destroyed beyond our means. Let's work together before it's too late.

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MM said...

I think the USA needs to be mindful, that while it is a free country there, they cannot do just as they will and ignore the world outside's feelings. I would agree the Islamic are fanatics, and should not dictate how we live and object to our stand on things, but it does pose huge risks to the free world who have our people living in these post-biblical and fanatical regions, who assume that because their medias are run by Simms all is truth they read. They don't have a free media out there.