Friday, August 24, 2012

Destroying Lance Armstrong?

G'day Everyone.

Why should people be jealous of one man: Lance Armstrong?
Armstrong is a man who beat cancer and came back to win 7 Tour-de-France titles.
But the point may be moot because Lance Armstrong has spent so much time and energy against different world agencies who sought to PROVE that he used illegal drugs in order to enhance his ability to win the world cycle titles 7 times.

It was finally this week that Lance Armstrong told the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) this: "Enough is enough". Armstrong finally gave in to those who were so JEALOUS of his wins and gave up his titles.

But you know what? USADA may win this, but for the world, it's a total loss when God has blessed this young man to win the Tour-de-France 7 times.

Armstrong didn't lose. He never has. It is in my opinion that when the day Armstrong meets God, God will give those 7 titles and many other awards right back to Lance Armstrong. Many of the people will be jealous and tell God "Hey! That's not fair! Lance Armstrong CHEATED!".  But the World forgets that God is the pure, UNTAINTED, judge who can see into the human spirit, soul, and heart of a person. If God chooses to award those titles and crowns on Lance Armstrong in eternity, there will be no dispute, no appeal, and NO JEALOUS natures of people.

In my honest opinion of Lance Armstrong, he's a human being that naturally won. I say congratulations, Lance Armstrong! You still win. You will always be a victorious person. The Tour-de-France and other cycle events have lost my respect. Lance will still be remembered as the greatest person that won his life's races!

GO Armstrong, Live Strong!

One last thing: USADA: You may have won, but you LOST BIG TIME! Face the facts, you blew it all! Congrats to you.

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