Thursday, August 23, 2012

One part of a journey ends, another begins!

G'day Everyone.

Take a good look at the job market these days. Take a good hard look at all the private and public employers. Even in the State and Federal Government too.
Know what? Networking is so important these days and it's not just who you know about you, it's where and when you could end up with a job out there.

The job market has been rough for all levels of people out there. Employers are just taking the best of who they want to be in their jobs. But it's not easy either.

Want to work for the State / Federal Government? My suggestion is talk to people who work in the State and Federal Government. Use connections with your high school, colleges, and your own state's Vocational Rehabilitation offices.

Make sure you sign up for your State's Civil Services and take those tests. Very important!

Take advantage of any training offered.

Some people look for a job for years and often come up empty in their lives. Some give up and fade out of the lives of everyone around them. But there are some that grit their teeth, keep up their faith in prayer, and keep looking for work.

For me, it was one crucial job interview that I attended to for an important organization. I can't say where and when it was. But that became the change point in my life. Then I was asked to provide more documents. Finally, I was given an offer which I quickly signed because I wasn't going to wait. Whatever if this job is right or wrong for me, I'm going to take whatever what happens.

So right now, pending the final process takes place, I realize my life is going to change.

It's time to say "Good-bye" to my hometown. "Good-bye" to the mountains that have healed me when I needed it. I've known some great people and friends in this location of Williamsport, PA. Even the Little League World Series which has games going on this week and weekend. (The games conclude this Sunday).

What made me realize this: I always knew and have wanted to go back to the Rochester, NY area where I grew up most of my life there. I fell in love with Fairport, NY. I had hopes and dreams of going back and living there again after the worst events of 12 years of living in the Greece,NY area. Namely a bad baptist deaf church there. Fairport will always be the heart of my young life. But it's going leave a big hole in my life since I will not be living there again.

I had to realize of my life now that I won't be living back in Rochester, NY area any more. If I didn't hate the economics of New York State (thanks Ex-gov. Mario Cuomo!), I would have never left. Rochester, NY is one of the best places in the New York State. (in my opinion anyhow). Rochester, NY is the home of the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID). Rochester, NY is very diverse of various people and life there. The most wonderful spot in the spring? The Lilac Festival! No matter how brutal the winters of Rochester is, there are the care of friends and people there to help you.

So during my long evening walks last night, I had to realize I'm not going back to Rochester, NY. I had to say good-bye to it. But I've known I can always go back to the area and see people and events there. Even the Rochester Deaf Festival too. But not as often as I like.

What's happening now for me is being prepared for changes in my life again. Once I leave Williamsport, PA, I know I'll have new adventures. The only thing is, my mom will have to look at me as an Adult. She will HAVE TO acknowledge it. She has to let go. She has to let me learn my own mistakes and my life. But that's important.

Where am I going? I really can't tell you when and where I will be. But I can say I'll still be a Proud Pennsylvania State guy. Still going to be friends with the Amish. Still enjoy the farm markets. But my list of friends will change. It's my place and my time.

So my journey of finding employment came to an end. Soon, I will be ending my "retirement" and going back to work. But at the same time, my life journey begins in another direction as well. I may not like it. But hey, everything changes for a purpose.

My mom doesn't like it that I'm leaving. She wishes that I was living in the same town. Unfortunately, it's my goal to be a bit far from her so that I can grow and live my life with out interruptions from her. That should be the purpose of all parents: allowing their children to be on their own. But not holding them back till they die so children can be on their own.

I've had some good days in this part of PA. But now, I will soon be in another part of PA. Half of me is excited and half of me is concerned. So why am I not jumping up and down for my job?

There's a part of me that stays concerned for many of the people who are still out of work in this country. Every day, there are people fighting to get employed in the private, State, and Federal job markets. At the same time, there are thousands of people who will retire, some being let go for "whatever reason" and some being laid off at any given moment.
There are many students in their final years of High School and Colleges. Even they know their future isn't bright too if they don't prepare for the unexpected as well.

My hope and dream is that the jobs will happen as economic recovery happens. But what if not? Then I don't know,
So don't give up. Keep networking, keep praying, and keep searching. Do anything that can be done to get employers to pick you. Don't worry too because you, my fellow readers, will always be on my prayer list as well.

Till next post, I'll clue you in.

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