Thursday, July 5, 2012

Zimmerman makes BOND a 2nd time!

G'day Everyone.

Right now, a judge in the Trayvon Martin case has just ruled this:Zimmerman 2nd bond hearing

While this decision is making shock waves, it has left me stunned to think something isn't right about this judge.

From what I've observed in life, a traditional judge would throw you in jail till the trial if you lied at your first bond hearing and make you stay there.

Only if you had a lawyer like Mark O'Mara, who's putting his entire career as a lawyer on the line for George Zimmerman. What did O'Mara convince the judge is certain going to come out at some point in this life. But you know, if George Zimmerman bites O'Mara's hand and escapes this time, O'Mara's own career could come to a HALT right here and then.

If George Zimmerman gets out and manages to lay low again till the trial, he may not have it so easy compared to Jerry Sandusky.

But you know, if the community really looks at their judge in Sanford district of Florida, they may have to make a choice of judgement of their own and vote to see if he remains on the bench. The possibility exists that he may not.

Further more, if the Florida state prosecutor does his job, I'll bet you he'll appeal the judge's decision possible.

So what happens down the road after this? The wheels of justice may turn but you know, if Zimmerman and his lawyer decides the muddy the waters of public opinion of the case, it could come out worse than it is in court. If there was some advice for O'Mara and Zimmerman? Lay low and lay quiet. Abide the time till trial. Zimmerman could be spending his last bare-freedom just like Sandusky did. But if Jerry Sandusky were to tell Zimmerman? Stay in jail and earn credit for time served. For Sandusky has NO time served compared to house arrest.

Good luck, Zimmerman, yer really going to need it.

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