Friday, July 6, 2012

From God's light show to fireworks malfunction!

G'day Everyone.

It was an awful 4th of July. In some places where it's extremely dry, fireworks shows were cancelled in the name of safety to prevent a new outbreak of wildfires. Drought is starting to take a toll in certain areas now.

Meanwhile: In my home town of Williamsport, PA, we not only just saw human stupidity show up on our big bang evening, but try thousands of people that put them AT RISK of a lightning strikes as a very powerful but also very bright and violent Electric God's lighting show (with some thunder) in the clouds as the community watched fireworks go off with a bang.

As I watched from a distance of my house, I was amazed at the human stupidity. To put themselves at risk as our weather become violent these days is beyond me.

But this was not the only human stupidity to happen. In San Diego, CA, there was suppose to be a major fireworks show. Unfortunately, a corrupted computer file (in which some hacker must have hit the fireworks company's computers days before this) set off the entire floating barges of fireworks. All of the fireworks went off in ONE HUGE GRAND and scary FINALE! How long did "the show" last? It was suppose to go 20 minutes long. Sadly to say this only took 15 seconds for all the fireworks to blow up completely in the air. After that, car alarms could be heard going off all over San Diego. So if those having hearing losses in San Diego can blame the fireworks company.

Only one thing came good out of this: The fireworks company, that provided San Diego this show, in an effort to keep the city happy will provide San Diego a FREE Fireworks show next year.

Here's how it looked in San Diego: CNN Ireport

The bigger question is: Will there be a good ID4 to celebrate next year? The only answer will come is the election first. But until then, be safe from the heat wave. Drink plenty of water. g'd bless USA.

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