Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th 2012

G'day Everyone.

For many people, today's hump day (middle of the week) very special.
Happy 4th of JULY 2012!
As we ask ourselves of how long our nation has remained a nation is a question of freedom and democracy. But already are the signs of trouble that our country could be heading into it's last days of it's life unless something is not done to insure that does not happen.

However, it becomes our mandatory job to PRAY for our nation. Pray for our Federal, State, and Local leaders in our nation. Pray for Congress and the courts. For all of the leaders, congress, and the courts, we must remember that they are all human beings and yes, they do make life changing mistakes as well.

Pray for the people of this nation. Some of us are suffering in this heat wave from the recent storms that have knocked out power. Pray for many of the power crews trying to get the lines back and the power turned back on. They have their work to do and safety is very important. 

Pray for many of the states that suffer the wild fires out there. As destructive blazes happen, the Fire Fighter crews need our prayer and support as they make an effort to contain the fire quickly as possible. Pray for many of the people who lost their homes in this disaster. It's a lingering lifetime emotional change for them. But it's also becomes the work of many people who will try to replant the forests and make new trees to grow in the mountains.
Pray in safety of all who are out there in this disaster.

Lastly, two things: Pray for those who are shooting off fire works when they should leave it to the professionals who can do a safer jobs in fire works.

More importantly, pray for people to use common sense the most this day. The use of a cell phone for chatting and texting while driving is a major cause for very bad car accidents. Police and emergency responders do not like to see this. Police will make every effort to arrest people and charge them as much as they can. 
So please, drive smart. Don't chat and don't text on your cell phone/pager. Arrive alive. Your calls and messages will wait for you.

As Andy Griffith passed away yesterday, I ask that you pray for his family.

More importantly, pray for all of our young citizens who are serving in the military to protect our nation on this 4th of July and for every day of the year. Pray for them. Not only they put their safety on the line in order to protect our country from all threats, but they are doing so in service of our nation.

I pray you will enjoy this wonderful day and the rest of the week.
A special salute is to those who are at the annual NAD conference this year in Kentucky.

Again, Happy 4th to all. Be safe!

Sherlock Steve. 

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