Friday, July 6, 2012

zimmerman free again!

G'day Everyone.

Once more, George Zimmerman, the killer of Trayvon Martin has gotten free from jail again.
Zimmerman bonds out again

Now why does a judge set an awful low bond for Zimmerman? In the first bond that Zimmerman had to pay to get out first time was $150,000 or $15,000 (10%). Believe me, that came up very fast. Got out.

Then the State of Florida heard the yap of code in jail. Zimmerman gets thrown back in.
After another mini-trial in which, of course, the judge thinks the State's case is so weak, sets the next bond at
$1 million. Therefore, Zimmerman only had to raise $100,000 to get out (which he did).

Even though he's been set conditions of release, the public may not be happy.  If the prosecutor of the State of Florida is anything better, he should go and appeal that. In truth, Zimmerman should have been set bail at $10 million ($1 million (10%) to get out).

So now the question is: Will Zimmerman lay low or will he screw up again? With his wife due in court soon, you can bet Zimmerman will be back for it. But if a judge find something bad as his wife says against him, Zimmerman could be bound back into a jail to await for trial.

In all of this? There should have been old fashioned simple justice: Once opportunity you get out on truth of what you say, and you remain out. Screw up and the judge hears about it, you get thrown back in jail to wait for your next trial day. Your lawyer may be pissed, but that was the law of the land. Zimmerman shouldn't been given two chances. Prayerfully, he will NOT get a 3rd one, even when the trial day comes.

But even with the mini-trials that already have been conducted in these bond hearings, there's a good chance that Zimmerman's case could go through a brief 3 day trial and conclude with Judgement. Did O'Mara make mistakes? I think so.

One thing:  Even if Sandusky never took the stand in his defense, Zimmerman might not either. Until then, 2013 will be the year justice will strike for Zimmerman. Until then, it would be best is Zimmerman lays low like a sheep and stay silent. Hopefully he'll listen to his own lawyer THIS time. Good Luck, Zimmerman. Yer going to need it.

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