Sunday, July 8, 2012

Web-less and internet-less Monday?

G'day Everyone.

What could happen in just hours from now at 12:01am could be something that no hacker ever dared to dream of doing: Laying "time-bombs" to create the most massive Denial Of Service (DOS) attacks ever against many people.

According to the CNN ARTICLE, the biggest question is.. will the FBI be justified of shutting down websites?

Sadly to say: these hackers, which have been caught, still managed to lay their traps. But how do we know
what's what? To answer that is this: You may have to clearly and completely run your anti-virus and anti-malware programs on your computer.

So while the hackers are stewing in their computer-less cells and waiting for the day of justice, I just hope the judge will throw the entire computer system of LAW at them some day.

But if things do go dark Monday, fret not. Give our government a chance. Maybe we'll all be back on-line by then.

If nothing doesn't happen (similar to the Y2K stuff long ago), we may just be taking precautions as usual. Just don't quit your job.

But until then, life goes on. Even a day without a computer or web pages will seem like a vacation day to get back to the mundane things of life before computers.

So take a chance to get outside and enjoy life. Tomorrow, things will be fine. Business as usual.

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