Sunday, July 29, 2012

"Web Series?".. no Welcome to Web Television!

G'day Everyone!

There is a debate going across the social media and the Internet landscape as several websites like Hulu, Netflix, DailyNotion, Google(YouTube), and other media sites are already broadcasting shows. Television shows that is.
That's the whole point of debate.
We are at an age in which Cable Television is starting to flee the hard-line for the age of the Internet.

However, a few months ago, President Obama signed into (weak) law of the Caption Action 2 in which requires web pages to provide closed captioning. Caption Action 2 law

But slowly, Caption Action 2 website is slowly helping to influence the websites to add Closed Captions to shows and movies so that the deaf and hard of hearing can understand what's happening.
Look at the present material on Caption Action 2: Caption Action 2 home page

Right now, we're trying to influence to upgrade their video player to INCLUDE Closed Captioning on their site.

A good friend of mine and blogger, Robert Goodwin, started this petition and taking on What will respond? Hopefully not a legal injunction. But a response to make good on public relations with the deaf community.

Here's the petition as Robert Goodwin posted: Add Closed Caption Support NOW!

The more responses we get, the more that can be done.
So get on Twitter, Facebook, and every other social media. Spread the word. The Deaf community TV shows on the web sites. It's time for get with the times on their media player as well.

I hope we get beyond 1000 signatures!

Until next post, I'll clue you in later!

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