Thursday, July 26, 2012

Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises

*spoiler alert* if you do not want to read this post, then don't. This post contains spoilers from the Batman movie: The Dark Knight Rises. Please go to the movie first, if you dare, then come back here. *spoiler alert*

G'day Everyone.

Hollywood's newest movie: Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, has the worst of the worst Batman movies of all time. Opening night, it was the worst of the worst. The Colorado Springs, Colorado shootings should have prompted Hollywood to yank the movie from all the theaters, re-tweak the film, and re-rate the movie.
The movie, which is rated for PG-13,  should have been re-rated again in the wake of the massive shootings and killing immediately to a R rating. Unfortunately, it didn't happen.

When I saw this movie, it was connected to the former movie. Then opening shot made many remembrances to it. Then it shifted to the weak bane being transported by plane. Some how, after bane destroyed the plane, he was grown stronger, bigger, meaner, and more savage than ever before.

Batman/Bruce Wayne: recovering from his previous fight in the previous film, gears up for his last war against Bane.  But during the movie, we get shocked that WayneTech not only has great technology, but they give Batman/Bruce Wayne the new batcopter (helicopter).  However, WayneTech has it's own internal nuclear reactor that powers the entire facility. Bane's mole finds that out and Bane sets out to steal the nuclear reactor in order to explode it and destroy Gotham City.
Bane breaks Batman/Bruce Wayne's back. Without any type of medical help/support, Batman/Bruce Wayne heals up and escapes from the prison that he was housed in.
Batman/Bruce Wayne heads back to Gotham and picks a massive and huge fight with Bane and eventually kills Bane.
With Bane dead, the Bane Henchmen head out to destroy the city with the atomic reactor. Batman/Bruce Wayne sets out to take the atomic device out of Gotham city far as possible where it explodes over open water.

You'd think Batman/Bruce Wayne is dead. He is not. But Wayne is a poor man and retired from being a crime fighter and another person takes up the Batman cape for the next movie.

Unfortunately, in the marvel comics, Bruce Wayne/Batman doesn't live forever. The movie should have ended with Batman/Bruce Wayne dying in that nuclear blast. It should have.

Because the movie was SO VIOLENT, it should have gotten an NC-17 or an R rating. It should have been pulled from all theaters in the wake of violence in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Unfortunately, everyone is willing to over look the violence and kept on praising the movie.

Unfortunately, I must give support / sympathy to the victims and to the dead. When all the lawsuits are filed and the courts cycle through life, perhaps by then the Batman: The Dark Knight Rises will be locked away into a vault for a few years until it becomes a better time to release it again on DVD. But Hollywood should help the victims of the Colorado shootings and assist every theater to upgrade their security systems.

No matter how you look at it, The Dark Knight Rises isn't suitable for the big screen anymore. At this point, Batman must die a dignified death. And his death alone.

So rest in peace Bruce Wayne. You done your job. Now we must let Robin/Nightwing take it from here.
And please Hollywood, turn down the violence or else become a Ghost town of it's own making.

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