Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Joe Paterno replaced by TREES?!

G'day Everyone.

Visitors to the Penn State Beaver Stadium area have been looking for signs where Joe Paterno's last legacy statue was at.
I will tell you this.. YOU WON'T FIND IT ANYMORE!
To be honest, before the NCAA penalties hit, the Paterno Statue and the entire wall was taken down FAST.
After that, the penalties came in. Now we find that PSU has put TREES in the area. 12 trees to be exact. One tree for each victim of Jerry Sandusky.
So is this part of the big change? What could be worse? How about tearing down the football field and make it a JUNIOR football field for 4 years? I don't know.
But the truth is still far way yet. Just how much did Joe Paterno know of what Sandusky was doing? As Sandusky awaits for the day of his sentence, we do know that he is going away for the rest of his life to the day of his death. So the greatest truth is.. Sandusky faces more trials soon. So does PSU.

 But if you are a student of PSU, think and pray hard under those trees for all the victims and those that run PSU. The dark days of 4 years have begun. The only question is: who is really willing to play on PSU's turf? That's the question soon to be answered in August.

Till then, keep in prayer for PSU.

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