Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dumping Penn State University

G'day Everyone.
The most shocking words ever uttered by Louis Freeh, former FBI guy, who now reveals his results of his investigations. It's even more shocking that yes, there was a (sadly to say) cover up at the Penn State University that involves Paterno and trying to hide what Jerry Sandusky was doing.

Some of the revelations in this "probe report" by Louis Freeh does put some of the PSU Board of Trustees of taking the right actions back in that dark November 2011 evening. Even though the PSU football team was on a break in their schedule.

Presently, the bigger question is: Just how does the Penn State University react to this report? Not only it's so shocking, but it's a question that is leading many searching for more answers.

While Jerry Sandusky was given a fast track to justice, we do wonder if the prosecution had waited more for this report to come out and then have a greater chance to secure all 48 GUILTY counts? Right now, Jerry Sandusky remains in jail and when his sentence time comes up in either August or September, the judge could give the poor guy the the longest maximum time possible in prison for all the counts.

But you know, the Supreme Court hates people being sentenced for long as it's been declared a "cruel and unusual" punishment. Fact is: If Jerry Sandusky gets more than 1500 years in prison, expect that it'll be lopped down to a mere 25 years or so due to his "advanced" age. But would Jerry Sandusky be released to die outside the prison when it happens? Just like the Lockerbrie bomber was? I don't think there's going to be any room for compassion for Jerry Sandusky.

At this point, it becomes a decision for the fans and supporters of PSU: Dump the team or support the team?
There is NOTHING to be proud of PSU right now. NOTHING. This is the shame of it all.

If you want to support PSU in these worst days as of now, best wishes then. But like millions of fans, I won't blame you if you do dump all of the things that are related to PSU.

PSU is now in for the long haul of court battles and image repair works. But for Jerry Sandusky? There is no hope for him. Not even for his lawyers that are working on appeals for him. Jerry Sandusky ought to make his peace that his days here on earth are done. Locking him away with just a bible in his cell just might be the act of kindness that says: "Do your repentance here until God calls you to die and appear in His court.".

Good luck, PSU.Your days of a powerful school is now over. Go Temple OWLS!

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