Sunday, July 22, 2012

The danger of losing 2nd admendment. Paterno's statue.

G'day Everyone.

I had to take some time to consider what I'd post this week and there's two things I need to discuss.

First, the Colorado shooting. In what has become a very disturbing trend of what a sick person has done in a very cold and calculated measure of planning in which he has done a very massive idea.
CNN Article

At this point, it has become a fight over our 2nd Amendment in our Constitutional law: the right to bear arms. Which means, there is a huge discussion about taking down our 2nd Amendment which would prevent ordinary citizens from owning guns as to prevent people from organization of the last line of defense in a time of invasion of our nation. But would it happen? Taking guns from citizens?

The Colorado shooter just may have given justification for this to happen. If guns are taken from citizens, then this Colorado shooter better pray he'll be put to death quickly. If anything, he'll be locked up like a BANE guy should be.

Meanwhile: Many people woke up this morning to hearing about the Joe Paterno Statue just outside of Beaver Stadium in State College, PA was hit and taken down by PSU today.
However, CNN said that in an article today that an unnamed source said that PSU won't be hit with the death penalty by the NCAA. But PSU will be hit with something much more severe. Announcement tomorrow at 9am. CNN Article on PSU

Personally, I do believe the Penn State University Football team needs to be suspended for a few years so that the University can get it's house in order and re-organized with new rules.  But for now, PSU knows it's done with their football team for years to come. Who knows?

Be sure to watch CNN tomorrow.

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