Monday, July 23, 2012

Penn State University hit... HARD!

G'day Everyone.

Penn State University did the right thing yesterday morning. They went and hit the statue of Joe Paterno quick and fast. They didn't have a choice. They knew precisely what was coming for Monday Morning and they wanted to be prepared for it. They were, at least, prepared. But not for the outrage.

As the NCAA hits PSU (along with Big 10 hitting as well), PSU has lost big time.
NCAA report

Sadly to say, all of Joe Paterno's wins were destroyed and declared losses. In other words, Bobby Bowden jumps to number 2 and has celebrated his legacy.

What will happen to Paterno's legacy if any is left? Not much.

The future is dark for PSU. I am no longer supporting or being a fan of PSU. I will support the Gallaudet Bisons, or the RIT Tigers, or at the most, my old high school: The Fairport Red Raiders.

PSU is no longer a school worthy to attend to. Many of the students and players have to consider their own academic future. This could be the death kneel for a university.

But how do you think Jerry Sandusky reacts? I'm in hopes that he will look at himself in his cell and pray that God kills him quickly because more charges and more court trials are coming for him.

How long will Sandusky be in prison? He will be in prison for so long, he's really assured of an eternal death for himself.

God has judged Paterno and some day, at the proper time and place, God will judge Jerry Sandusky when he dies.

Fare well to PSU. The days of judgement has arrived.

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