Monday, July 16, 2012

Prevented from a Relationship in life.

G'day Everyone.

There are certain people in life from Religious people, religious friends, some close friends, and parents that would try to take a certain amount of steps in life to prevent someone from having a happy relationship with anyone in life.

It's not just a straight heterosexual relationship, but those that fall into Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and Transgendered relationship as well.

Whatever the reasons of all types of people in life, especially mine since I am who I am, have for preventing me to have a relationship with some one, whatever it be a girl/woman for heterosexual, or a guy/man for a gay relationship, people get this weird notion that they have to STOP me from having any kind of a relationship.

Some times, I have to go up to the religious person or religious friend and say: "Stop! What you are doing is intentionally WRONG. If you are that religious person, you know this is wrong for yourself. Your job is to only warn me and then back away and let me make my mistakes in life.". I could go on to say I could put them in a legal situation if it came to it. Some times they listen to me. But others, that I know of, have intentionally done things that would put Christ to shame for them for what they have done. I can forgive them, but to leave them in the hands of Christ is the right way that God will totally judge them for my sake.

Some of my close friends have liked some of my girlfriends and boyfriends that I had in my life. But some don't even have the guts to go after the religious people. I can forgive my close friends for not sticking up to me when I needed them. But some times, even I have to put them in their places as well.

When it comes to parents in life. That's where the lines get drawn. From the time you are born to the time you are a legal young adult, they are the ones responsible to teach you how to live your life.

But the moment you are a young adult, parents must step back and step away. They must be the ones to watch and let you learn of your mistakes. They can't approve everything you do in your life. From your own home, job, car, and of course, your own personal relationships.

Parents can't interfere in your life. They're not suppose to. Some parents go overboard in protection of their own children. Even though you are an adult, they still view you as a kid that they must protect and chase off your prospective love of life.

I've had my fair share of my parents, even my mother at her age, chasing off someone I've wanted to love. Then loudly complain I have no one to spare the right of my life with to anyone who'd listen. ME? I can make this face: (o.O) There has been times I've explained over and over again what they done is doing an over protection of a deaf man like me.

There's going to be a day I'd move away from those religious people/friends and family and cut them out of my life till I get firmly established into a relationship (about 3 years) and then reintroduce myself with my partner of my life to everyone I know. Some will not accept. Some will accept.

But all-in-all, it's about accountability of what you are (and myself) of what we do in life to God, of ourselves and our bodies. It our life. Not anyone else can run it.

I will say one thing of my whole life. I wasn't all that gay 31 years ago to this day. I was a straight young deaf man that was just coming out of a mainstream school and had a hearing girlfriend I loved. Being tricked by a deaf pastor who told me that I'd be better off with a deaf girl than a hearing one, I was a fool to believe him of his suggestion.
But what he did next in my life was his worst. He not only hurt me, but chased away my potential deaf girlfriends, my first gay boyfriend, and destroyed my home.  It's no wonder his own pastoral life was destroyed by others as much as he destroyed it himself.

But you know what? If my former deaf pastor is ever man enough of himself to personally admit his mistakes after all these years and personally ask for forgiveness (now that the statue of limitations has long since expired) of his crimes, perhaps then it's the real repentance of his atonement that will help him avoid his cost at the judgement seat of Christ.

Until then, nobody has the right to prevent anyone from having a relationship with anyone in their lives. We all learn to love and grow in our own personal lives. We all have our personal accountability to God alone.

Perhaps that is why I still pray first girlfriend I ever loved in my life. True love never dies. We just keep on praying.

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