Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Supreme Court Justice Flees the USA!

G'day Everyone.

I am shocked and surprised that the Supreme Court Justice Roberts flees the USA. How do I know?
Huffpost article on Justice Robert Flee

So with most of the other justices staying in the USA in protective places during the 4th, we wonder why Justice Robert would flee his own nation after a major decision that appears to bow to the pressure that President Obama demanded his Supreme Court to pass his "law". Unfortunately, things do not look too good for the man that gave Obama his major victory.

Why? Simple fact: While President Obama may be in his last term, his Obama care law could make him a lame duck much sooner than he'd like. Congress also has to get in the act of IMPROVING upon Obama care as well RIGHT NOW. They don't have a choice. Even Democrats are also fighting against "improvements". There isn't much time.
Mitt Romney will also speak against Obama care as much as he likes.

What does this all boil down to?

One final vote in November 2012. It's the one day that the Voters: The American People of USA will finally pass their FINAL JUDGEMENT upon Obama and his Obama care.

Which means, Congress should be shaking in their political booties shoes of what's happening out there.
As the public learns more of this "Obama care" law, the picture isn't pretty. By the time the justices of the Supreme Court come back home to DC for the start of their next term on Oct 1st, they could find their political support at ZERO for the remainder of the next 10-20 years.

As the future goes, the Justices should feel relief that they do not have to be worried that the American voters will stage a recall election. But that could change one day. If congress were to get their way to take this power of a President that appoints these Judges to these terms (with the approval by congress), maybe congress should make this happen:
President suggests candidates for the Supreme Court. Congress interviews the candidates, Congress makes the recommendation to the voters. Voters make the final vote on who should be on the Supreme Court.

At this stage, a justice for life on the Supreme Court may sound like to be the greatest job in the world, but it comes with the EMPHASIS on SECURITY against the public for their decisions.

Like it or not, some of these justices have to live with their decision and the anger of the nation.

So the question comes to a point: Just how good will Roberts sleep at night for the next 6 months? With his night mares, he's going to wish he changed his mind. Sadly, once it's decided and announced, it is written and done.

Just like all judges and mankind, we will all face God for our FINAL COURT of Judgement.
In justice Robert's case, let us hope his summer break will allow him to bone up on the Word of God and on all the laws in USA. Perhaps then he will see and cry when he finds his mistake.

So raise a glass to the justices and tell them: Job well done. NOT!

Until next post.. keep praying for the USA. and Happy 4th of July.

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