Monday, July 2, 2012

ID4 2012 week

G'day Everyone.

As the nation is coming to an understanding of what the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) did for President Obama and his Democrats, battle lines are being drawn up as this becomes our week to celebrate our nation's 236th Birthday.

However, given to every thing that is happening out there, we may or may not have a lot of chances of having a great ID4 celebration. For starters: look at what's happening in the mid-west. Forests are on fire and the weather is really dry. States are telling people NOT to shoot off guns and fireworks as new fires could break out. But you know, even in this massive heat wave and dry conditions, people will lose common sense and shoot off the fireworks. Neighbors will have no choice but to dial 911 and report the offenders quickly as they snap a digital picture of the offender doing the fire work or gun shooting.

So, here is my plea this week: As dry conditions are out there in many places, I beg you to please DO NOT fire off the fire works. What may be wonderful sight to see in the air, the hot cinders from unexploded fireworks could land, explode, and trigger new forest fires. My plea is to wait until your area has gotten a good ground soaking of rain (about a good 4 days worth).

Meanwhile, police will also be out in force this week and cracking down on speeders, drunk drivers, and people who are talking and texting on their cell phone. This is when fines are much higher and more traffic points can be set against you.

Please, drive with common sense. Arrive alive at all costs. This phone and texting can wait till later.

As the hot weather grips this nation along with the wild fires, common sense must prevail in these extreme conditions. Take it easy. Keep drinking water. Check on pets and elderly people.

We also must keep a sharp eye when sudden storms blow up without barely a warning. We must be prepared and ready to help anyone at any time when these storms happen.

Let us thank God that our nation has seen it's great days of it's life. But we must pray for the people who have given their lives to protect our nation. Happy and blessed 236th birthday USA!

Till next post, I'll clue you in later.

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