Friday, July 13, 2012

The Damn State of PSU.

G'day Everyone.

I will tell you something: If the Penn State Board of Trustees (BoTs) really won a "victory" in the Freeh investigation report, I must say it's a very hallow one. If they had come out and say it clearly rather than waiting for the major court battles to begin now, their victory will ring more sore and hollow.

If the PSU BoTs had just said the truth of the reasons why they fired Paterno rather than hiding this bomb shell, we wouldn't be facing the calls for the destruction of Paterno's image and name to be stricken from the PSU campus, like in this Article calls for removal of Joe Pa.

As of today and every other week now: current students will have to make a decision of either staying with PSU to finish their education or search for another college to complete their degrees. In the interests of employment, they might well worth to transfer to another college/university at this time. Prospective students also have to look else where too.

Penn State alumni are unhappy. Just don't destroy your collection of PSU stuff. Just box them away. They may be worth a collector's items some day.

So while PSU has to face these many lawsuits for years to come, we look down at two people in the center of this "Sandusky/Paterno gate" storm: Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky.

Let me start with Joe Paterno: The legend and mentor to many people in life. He's lead PSU to more victory wins than any one else. He's beaten every one of those coaches that said he couldn't do it. But then he fell from his perch of legacy by his friend, Jerry Sandusky. Joe couldn't bring himself to fire him. Maybe he did hope that his bosses WOULD fire him. But instead, he wound up on part of the cover-up that hurt him so much, it was no surprise that when he was fired, he wouldn't live long. Even if he was told he would be vindicated some day, it's now clear in doubt that Joe Paterno wont be.  For all the hopes and dreams that would have ensnared Joe Paterno into court are dashed but, I believe that Joe Paterno has been judged by God and is burning in his rightful place: Hell, then Lake of Fire.

Jerry Sandusky: Maybe it's a good thing right now for Jerry Sandusky. He's already convicted of his crimes. Had the Freeh report come out during his trial, Jerry Sandusky's lawyers might have been screaming: Plea Bargain! Plea Bargain!
Alas! Alas! Those same Sandusky lawyers are too late. Even they consider the future appeals, they better be ready for more trials to happen.

The only one other good thing is this: Jerry Sandusky is safely in JAIL and secured in a cell alone. I'm very sure he's been told about what's happening out here. Jerry is the epic prime center of it all. but there's nothing that he can do now to improve his fate.

So what happens down the road now? That depends on what you see and believe.
For PSU, it's going to take a lot of prayers of seeking God and the mercy of God.
For the victims of Sandusky? They need our support, prayers, and mercy. They have their own life to recover as well.

PSU might as well remove the statue of Joe Paterno and his names off the campus lists.

And one more thing: Mike McQueary. Mike McQueary should have quit PSU while he had it good. Who knows what his own future will be? But we know this: football will never be his vocation ever again.

Remember, this is the Damn State of PSU. Whatever what you think it ought to be named, consider it well.

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