Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Penn State Scandal isn't over....YET!!

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When Jerry Sandusky smiled and laughed during the closing debates in court, I would say he knew what was precisely coming down the road. But he did think he had gotten away with it? Just like those at Penn State University(PSU), his "peers" on the jury were those that worked at PSU as well. What the higher ups knew and letting him get away with the crimes, Jerry thought that his "peers" wouldn't convict him.

WRONG, Jerry Sandusky, WRONG!
What he thought was that he would win again and get away with the crimes. He didn't get away. This time, he was caught red handed and *HARD*.

As Jerry Sandusky was lead off to jail, his own future became bleak for the rest of his life, but not for others. While the victims cheers their victory, many others grew concerned of what could happen.

The timing couldn't have been much worse as a major news article blew the lid off the whole thing:
Penn State Emails reveal trouble!

So now the question comes up: How much did the staff at Penn State University and at The Second Mile (defunct organization) knew of what Jerry Sandusky was doing there? Who knew of what was going on?

Presently, the Second Mile organization promptly closed it's doors too soon and left the state of PA. But they left behind a pile of money for the victims. I personally think The Second Mile people will be called back to be investigated to find out what's happened there truthfully and most likely in court.

While the former top people of PSU will be in court soon to answer their own set of charges, it becomes a question for the PSU Board of Trustees(BoTs): How much did the BoTs knew of what was happening and of why did they sack Joe Paterno when Joe Paterno is the one that informed his bosses who did NOTHING? Joe did the right thing to tell his bosses. But who has the right to fire the staff? PSU BoTs. So, who will investigate the PSU BoTs? That's a question on everyone's mind as well.

So now, the investigation is still open. PSU has to change a lot of things this summer in time before school begins this August. But with a Public Relations (PR) disaster on their hands, this could take years for the school to recover from the mess. Students may come and go, but PR disasters stay forever.

Which now comes down to an awful point of question for Mike McQueary: Why didn't he call the campus police or the State Police immediately upon finding what was going on in the showers? That's a question that should have been asked of him right there and then in the trial. It would have been the tipping point of it all. Perhaps that would have opened the door for a longer complicated trial for Jerry Sandusky. Perhaps, at the next one it will be asked then.

Presently, we're waiting for the day that Sandusky would be given his formal sentence which would begin his appeal process. But you know, I think his lawyers are going to say: "On another thought, we better wait this out before we appeal." because more court action is on the way.

In some ways, the trial has vindicated not only the victims, but Joe Paterno too. However, healing will be a slow process. But until then, there's a final note for Jerry Sandusky: Make sure you drop your shower soap Jerry. We know karma will bite him right back in the ass more often now.

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