Friday, June 29, 2012

Nation to the President and Democrats: Fix Obama Care NOW.. or else!

G'day Everyone.

A day after Chief Justice Roberts provided the Obama administration a victory on the Health Care rule, the nation is in full outrage.

Why? It's a tax. And while it failed as a consumer protection law in the health care, it passed as a tax. President Obama said it wasn't a tax. But now it is a tax. It's a job killer tax. It's an economic killer tax.

This "Obama Care" law only benefits the Health Care Insurance industry. But it doesn't fix health care problem issues as a whole. President Obama had been told of these issues and he ignored them.

Since President Obama told the court to pass his law or else, the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) did just that.

Today it's the nation's most biggest message to President Obama and Congress, mainly to the Democrats: Fix Obama Care before November OR ELSE!

For the next 150 days, Obama has this ONE CHANCE to fix his law before the elections could happen. He has to show he can help the health care industry better than he's helped the health care insurance industry. If he does that, he will have a shot of winning the 2nd term if he makes sure he can do away with the tax part of the law.

But if he doesn't, Obama could lose the election and lose a 2nd term President job, but Obama's legacy will be just like Chief Justice Roberts of the SCOUTS will remain in place of history of a dying America.

As it stands now, Congress and Obama must fix the law quickly as they can. If they do not, this election will be a judgment on all their records. It may well be some one else who'll rise into the position as president through a write-in.

The next 150 days will be a closer watch of how this nation unfolds into the new uncharted lands of history. It will tell us if we will survive or fall. At the end of that 150 days will be the press of a button, leveler, or a pen/punch of a vote, we will all know who will really lead this nation by the decision of the people, for the people, and by the people.

Until then: Obama and Congress, your test and homework starts NOW! Good luck.

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