Saturday, June 2, 2012

Zimmerman to be put back in JAIL!!

G'day Everyone.

Right from the start and many people kind of knew this: Fate kicked Zimmerman's butt when his website "The Real George Zimmerman" raised so much support cash that it has actually HURT him!

Right from the start that his family LIED to the court that they were POOR and couldn't afford bail.

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Two things I hope will happen: One, Zimmerman will face the police at GUNPOINT so he can feel what it's like in the moment Travon Martin was shot. But hopefully the police will NOT shoot Zimmerman. But police will use any excuse to do so.
Two: Don't flee but SURRENDER Zimmerman! If he's fled our country already, that's going to make his lawyer, Mark O'Mara, look so bad that O'Mara will wish he hadn't requested BAIL in the damn first place in a high profile.

Once when Zimmerman is caught and returned to jail, I hope the judge will keep this guy in JAIL until the trial happens. He can't trust Zimmerman whereas it's clearly proven that he has broken that trust.

Time's running out Zimmerman, SURRENDER NOW or else! That is our plea.

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