Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Deaf gay man hates being judged by others.

Today is a PERSONAL OPINION POST. I will bring us back to our usual rant posts later.

G'day Everyone.

Finally, a young DEAF GAY man made a post of how he's felt about the religious people judge him because he is a gay man.

I decided to find his video and going to allow him to POST it here: (actually I found it and copied it here)
Deaf Gay Man's Video
Note to viewers: The video is entirely in Sign Language. There is no closed caption or subtitles.

Ok, I am back with my comments.
While this Deaf Gay man has hit upon many topics and Bible verses, I do need to make one thing clear: Yes Salvation is a personal decision for many people in their lives. But so is the choice of your personal life and orientation as well. That is if you want to be straight or a GLBT person.

Personally, Sherlock has felt religious harassment and judgment in his life. He does know that many of the religious Christian friends think they got a right to interfere in his personal life (IE talk to his boyfriend or girlfriend out of their relationship with him so that Sherlock would realize that he'd be better off straight or else). But some of those "intentional interferences" were nothing more than huge mistakes that hurt everyone else in the deaf community life.

My message to religious people today: Thank you for warning me of what the Bible says about being gay. It is wonderful thing to share your faith. But your physical interferences in my life makes you a bad reference for God's testimony.

Nobody does NOT have an idea of how hard it is to find love again after some one DESTROYS a relationship just because God "told" them to interfere. Do you know how hard it is for a person (like me) NOT to hit the person that comes up to apologize? Not only they want to admit their confession of mistake, but also trying to atone for their own personal lives.

So to sum this up: This is my life, my personal experiences. It is MY DECISION of who I want to love and who I want to be with. You can't live my life and you can't be God's representative on earth for any reason. You see, you have your own SIN in life as well. So that makes you IMPERFECT! Don't try to hide behind the Word of God, That makes you look guilty as hell.

A few things to say: I lost my first boyfriend. I have lost girlfriends that I have wanted to marry in my life (I was bi-sexual back then). But after one pastor interfered in my last relationship with my girlfriend, I gave up of trying to find a relationship.

Today, I am in hopes to find a relationship with some one in my life. But who it will be? man? Girl? That's for me to know, God to lead me, you to find out, and you CAN NOT INTERFERE with my life for any reason. Because the next time some one decides to interfere in my life again by trying to use religious means, I will fight back though the courts and the laws.

However, I send a personal word to all those who had interfered with my life in the past: Forgiven you are, but you still need to settle your accounts with Christ at the judgment seat for your own sins.

At the same time, you are thinking: Will Sherlock go back to church again? I can't promise you this if I will do that. It will have to be at my own time and my own pace to say I'm ready to return to church. That is between me and God. Thank you.

And now we return to our regular Sherlock posts.

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