Sunday, June 3, 2012

Famous Figures of Sunday!

G'day Everyone!

Wow.. As the news goes on today, the Great Queen of England has celebrated her 60 years on the Throne of England and there was a massive boat parade. I watched and realized that it was the ULTIMATE party of the year this June 2012! It was so well worked out. There are more events tomorrow and Tuesday. IF you got the BBC channel on your cable system, tune into it! Say a big Hip Hip Hooray for the QUEEN ELIZABETH! May the diamond year of your royalty shine bright as ever before!

Queen Elizabeth's 60 years!

Meanwhile: It's nearly 6 months since Joe Paterno died. but it's 8 months to the day that Jerry Sandusky was arrested and a few weeks later of his boss and mentor along with other PSU staff were FIRED.

This week will be the court action of the trial of Jerry Sandusky! Finally, all of the answers will happen! But will Jerry Sandusky really tell his side of the story or will his lawyers keep pleading "But judge, we're not ready yet!". Well, they had time. Victims want their day in court too. Hopefully, Jerry Sandusky will speak out and tell the truth of what he's done. Stay tuned!

Jerry Sandusky court battle this week

Speaking of the court battle, George Zimmerman finally surrendered with less than 40 minutes to spare. That may be the closest call of his life because I'm sure every cop in Florida wanted to be the trigger happy people to have George Zimmerman face the barrel of the gun before it fired on him. Unfortunately, Zimmerman finally surrendered quickly as he could do it. Interesting to say he surrendered near a business parking lot to the police. Wonder what the business will say to object to Zimmerman choosing that specific location? Will they complain?

But the matter of the fact now is that Zimmerman is finally back in his jail cell and the police and public can relax again. However, let us hope the judge will KEEP HIM THERE this time so that nobody doesn't have to worry about him until the trial begins. Perhaps that is what Mark O'Mara should be considering right now rather than a bond hearing on Monday.

So let's hope Zimmerman gets comfortable in his cell till the trial.
Booked in time for Zimmerman.

So that's it for now. Salvage what's left of your Sunday because soon it'll be Monday and we'll have a busy week. Till then, keep your eyes glued to! ENJOY!

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