Saturday, June 23, 2012

WOW.. Revelations of Sandusky.

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History was made in State College, PA today. As people woke up to their newspapers on their porches, one theme blazed across the front page:
The news blazed across the papers all over the State of PA and beyond quickly as it came out. But most of Happy Valley and State College, PA were rocked beyond revelations about what would happen.
For months, Jerry Sandusky did a lot of harm on their own in their Public Relations battles. Not even once did they consider to talk to the prosecutor of a plea deal. too late for anything.
The last one did Jerry Sandusky in very well: his smirking and laughing face that made him look like an insane mad man.

Just look at the CNN page: Jerry Sandusky article

Sadly, Jerry Sandusky wasted his days at his home arrest when a good lawyer should have told him in the seriousness of the case to remain in jail to earn credit for time served.

A friend of mine in State College told me that Joe Paterno's spirit may have felt VINDICATED as Sandusky was found guilty. Perhaps he knows the judgment of his own friend and his former replacement would be the right conclusion. But those of the former administrators of PSU and the Board of Trustees are now the very ones to be the next people on trial. But if they have any common sense, they'll ask for a quick plea deal and be done with it.

Jerry Sandusky faces a long tough road now. He'll remain in jail and his family will have to move for protection, safety from those in State College. Sandusky will face his formal sentence soon which could get him more than 400 years in prison or in one sense of an idea: 8 life terms. Then his next step is going for appeals in which he will expend his time too much. But he'll have to battle along with PSU in the civil lawsuits which are going to happen.

But I sense that God could be the next person to call Jerry Sandusky to God's court and eventually a bad fate of Jerry's life: Eternal death.

As it was said: nobody wins this trial. From the moment of November 2011, it was a bad moment that Jerry had to be arrested. But it was also a bad decision for the PSU BoTs to fire Joe Paterno.

LinkPenn State University will have no choices but set up new rules of how everyone has to work in the sports complex on the college campus. However, the question remains of what will happen to the PSU football itself. Will it be the last year for the team and then fade into existence or will they show courage to honor Joe Paterno in forgiving him, but hate sandusky, and get out there and win the games?
The answer will come in August as classes begin again and the call of the grass will be in the air.

But when Jerry Sandusky heads to his first prison cell in the fall, he better hope two things: One stay away from pro-PSU prisoners. Two: don't drop the soap in the shower (oops. I think I'm too late with that one).

Nobody wins this trial. Life around Jerry is one big disappointment.

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