Sunday, June 24, 2012

The coming Health Care Decision by the High Court.

G'day Everyone.

As Sunday's quiet day comes to an end and Sandusky's verdict passes this weekend, our nation is just about settled down and ready for Monday morning.

But WILL our nation be ready for what the justices say about the Obama HealthCare law that was rammed through congress without a close read?

I recently found an article on that says that The Supreme Court had already decided on the Health Care law. Go ahead.. Read: Health Care Secret

Which means, while they trying to wait for the BEST quiet day and getting security in place when the decision is announced, there's a good chance they may have told President Obama ahead of time.

But when it does come out, how will we all react? How will congress react? How will the stock market react? How will the insurance companies, even doctors and hospitals react? Will the people accept the decision? Or will it be rejected?

Yes, it could impact on the nation's elections. Which is why there's a possible chance that the decision might be delayed till next year, AFTER the election.

No matter what happens, our nation should pray for our justices. Each of them will face their own judgment by God. But in the coming days, when each of the 9 judges steps down from the high bench, each of them will feel the weight of the decision for the rest of their lives.

It is one thing to favor the president over the Constitution and the people. But will they realize it before it's too late? Perhaps it is. Perhaps, each of the justices are trying say their own prayers for this nation in hopes that God will save the people.

But the day our high court rips up the Constitution in favor of laws that control the freedom of the people, that may be the day that God rips into Washington, DC with it's worst natural disaster of all. Perhaps with the biggest earth quake that happens.

I pray for a just and fair decision. That is what I want for my nation. Everyone else should want that too.

But as they say this: Come the 13th of November, this nation will remember, of the day the Decisions that were made in our Nation. This is day we call cast our votes for the future of our Nation. Whoever we choose to lead this nation, we shall remember hard and well on the 13th of November. So don't forget: Vote on the 13th of November for our nation's next president.

And while we're at it.. change congress too.

Here's something to read: sides prepare for Political fallout

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