Friday, June 22, 2012


At this point, Sandusky is a convicted sexual offender.
Guilty on 45 counts, 3 not guilty counts.
Formal sentence in 90 days.
Appeals possible.

But for the PSU community, it brings about sadness and joy that this was the right verdict. And in some ways, Justice for Joe Paterno. However, it does open up the civil lawsuits against Jerry Sandusky, PSU, and former organization: The second mile.

So Penn State University is in for some rough times and reorganization in the football program. But this is our sorrow now. especially for Joe Paterno.

In the coming days, Jerry Sandusky will be given what amounts to be a LIFE sentence and hopefully, never to breath another fresh air. Sandusky should have spent his time in jail, and if he had, he would be given time served. But home confinement? zero credits.

Good bye, Jerry Sandusky, NOT! Joe Paterno patiently waits you.

UPDATE: verdict is in..
45 counts: GUILTY!
3 counts: NOT GUILTY!
hauled off to jail in cuffs..

G'day Everyone..

Breaking news.. A verdict has been reached in the Sandusky trail. An update is coming shortly.
Please turn on CNN. Penn State and PSU are going to get rocked HARD this weekend!!

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