Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Unions lose BIG in Wisconsin!

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Great Chads! If the unions ever wished there were "chads" (like from the Florida election some time ago), those "chads" that stuck in the election ballot should made an appearance in Wisconsin Tuesday.
Unfortunately, we live in the age of paper ballots (which are slowly fading) and electronic voting (growing with every election).
The Walker Recall election results

Right now, Wisconsin is in a huge mess right now. First, it belongs to the Wisconsin State legislature which backed the recall vote. That's where now they're doing the big swallow and followed by various choice of bad words. Who does the legislature blame?
The Wisconsin State Labor Unions. They're the ones that drummed up the recall vote. They're the ones that got it and partied until it was "uh-oh, run for the hills time!". Their power is now GONE. Suddenly this recall vote has just turned BIG UNIONS looking very small and quiet.

Which means all the contracts that they had to re-negotiate in a hurry are now FIRM and will only stay there till it runs out. It was clear the moment things went to hell 15 months ago that their battle back along with fellow Wisconsinites was the worst choice of political actions to do.

The last 15 months have pitted people against each other. Now that the vote is said and done, it became clear: Walker is the Governor of Wisconsin. He did what he had to do to save the state budget and stood his ground.

Right now, Wisconsin must heal. The facts that the unions have made a mistake were warned ages ago NOT to get greedy have come to pass. Unions have paid a big political price. Now the legislature faces their own political war this coming fall for themselves. Those that supported the recall election could find themselves out on the unemployment line this time. Those who didn't support the recall could find themselves saved from a fate that could well be their own political life.

Governor Walker is right. He has to start the whole forgiving process by inviting the unions and the state legislature to his mansion for some Burgers, Brats, Wisconsin Cheese, and Wisconsin beer.

Could Wisconsin's mess has just put Obama on notice? Maybe. Maybe not.
That being said, now it's time for Wisconsin to put their state back together and the unions get back to work. Nobody has really won any thing. But sadly to say this: Wisconsin has lost a lot more and become poor more because of what the unions did.

Perhaps the message is out there now. The Greed days for the unions are finally put on notice. What ever was GOLD to the unions has now seriously tarnished. Let us hope no more political messes happen.

May God heal the State of Wisconsin.

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