Thursday, June 7, 2012

Are you TEXTing and Driving? READ THIS! SERIOUSLY!

G'day Everyone.

A few months ago, Pennsylvania has a NEW law on texting and driving. It won't be lone before some one's pulled over for doing it. Even being on the cell phone too. Police are watching all drivers out there. The littlest infraction will give them that excuse.

However, if you bear with me a bit right, I'm going to give you the SHOCK of YOUR LIFE of why you should not text and drive. Even if you are good at it.

Yes, you read that right. It is a teenager who thought he/she could text and drive at the same time. But didn't count on another driver would happen into their path and a tragic consequences happened.

Teens and older drivers will try to erase their cell phone texts fast as they can before the police gets their cell phones to try to hide their illegal stunts and try to blame it on the other driver for the cause of their crash. 

But you know what? Imagine that technology does have a way to keep a copy of those texts you send to the other person. Police and Prosecutors will find it and when they do, you are good as caught for causing the crash.

So today is my warning right here and right now. Stop what you are doing when you are driving your car.
Let me give you these facts: If you got a great car, great driving record, no tickets, been in NO accidents, and got a good relationship with your insurance company, then you realize what you got? Your life is great!

Want to keep it that way?

Then do this VERY SIMPLE thing. Put down the cell phone when you get in your car. Better yet, turn it off. Don't even bother to pick up your cell phone until you get there. Don't even bother to look at it at stop signs and traffic lights. Know why?
Because cities and towns are starting to put HIDDEN cameras in these places. Once you are caught on camera with a cell phone in your hand, your perfect driving record is destroyed. There is NOTHING that will change it. Not even a good lawyer can get you out of it because a judge will throw the book of LAW at you.

You pick up that cell phone and whatever you text or talk on it, cause an accident, then it's all over. Nobody wins, everyone loses.

I'm going to warn you one other thing: The more you act in defiance of the law against texting and driving, I can bet you something. Someone will do this: A family member or a good friend will turn you in to the police and accuse you of texting and driving!

Don't think that can happen? Think again. They'll do it for ONE PURPOSE. To wake you up and keep you alive! They care about you. They want you to be safe.

That being said, I hope you'll take this post seriously. Go ahead. Copy it and pass it on. Pass it on as a link to people you care about. Wake them up.

Teenagers and adults are NOT INDESTRUCTIBLE. Our bodies can be hurt and destroyed. But it's our mortal soul that is eternally damned if we die without Christ as a savior. The moment we are hurt and killed by someone else will be our eternal misfortune of life.

So put that cell phone down when you drive. Arrive alive where you are going. Be safe.

God bless.

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