Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Celebration, politics, court battles,and changes.

G'day Everyone.

The Great Queen Mum, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 60 years on the Throne with a big 4 day of parties. Today came the final day of it all and it was absolutely smashing! Hail to Queen Elizabeth and God bless her and God Save The Queen. At the same time, prayers should be said for Prince Phillip who is in the hospital. He's doing much better.

Meanwhile: Political actions are going on today. In Wisconsin, Governor Walker's fate is in the hands of the voters in which the unions are hope to win big and gain a big fat pay bonus for themselves politically. This could be the big trial run of what could happen for the November elections should Obama have to face with the angry voters. Personally speaking, the voters should see through the political plans of the unions as this recall vote has been the angry birds revenge by the unions on Governor Walker who's trying to save the budget of Wisconsin. If Gov. Walker loses today, Wisconsin could end up with a voters remorse later in which they'll leave the state in droves which would leave the unions enjoying their political power and rot in hell later. I personally hope Walker wins. I want this man be our next President of USA in 2016.
Stay in tune to CNN. Many special reports at 8pm tonight.

Closer to home of Penn State: Finally after months of legal hurdles, the Sandusky court battle has finally begun.
Yahoo article about Sandusky's court tactics
How this will go will determine if the number of people can be trusted to be fair and willing to listen to all the facts of the case. Sandusky may be well too late to find a good number of people because of the way he's destroyed any hope of a fair trial. However, if Sandusky hopes to destroy his victims in court, he may never get any forgiveness for the rest of his life.
But know what? Sandusky doesn't have any hope of escaping JUSTICE when GOD will judge him when Sandusky dies. That will be the day Sandusky will get his full punishment of his crimes. Sandusky should face his fate and change his plea before he does more damage to himself, PSU, and the State of PA. I thank God I don't have to sit in his jury.

Just found out: George Zimmerman stays in Jail!! Zimmerman's bail delayed!  Apparently, Mark O'Mara needs time for a few weeks to really prepare Zimmerman's defense of a 2nd bail hearing as O'Mara find out a lot of things that could really hurt his defense of Zimmerman. I think O'Mara just made a smart move to leave his client right there in jail to think long and hard about what to say before he shows up to the judge again.  But frankly to say this: Zimmerman will have some time served in jail much more than Sandusky did.

Finally to say, I'm learning right now of how to make better posts and I ask that you bear with me as I learn how the revised blogger.com site is going through. Hopefully things will get better. But until then, enjoy the day and the week!

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