Monday, June 25, 2012

Should PSU Football stadium be DARK for ONE Season?

G'day everyone.

There's a question that is going around on 'net and it appeared in this newspaper article:

So now, I'm posing this question: Should Penn State University give up it's football season for ONE YEAR? Honestly, yes!

Why? To show support for the victims, and for Joe Paterno.

You see, I defend Joe Paterno for two reasons. 1. He didn't want to fire his long time friend because he didn't want to believe the suspected violations were THAT BAD. 2. He had told his bosses of what Mike McQueary said.

So in this case, Joe Paterno passed on the issue to those who were his bosses, who did NOTHING! In hindsight: Mike McQueary was kind of labeled a *problem coach*. Nobody wasn't sure if he was telling the truth of what he was seeing.

Until he told them in court these previous few weeks. The one lone fault McQueary has? Why didn't he raise an alarm much more when he had the chance to do so?

McQueary could lose his job now. He could be told to move on and go for another job else where.

PSU is going to try to resolve and settle all compensations for the victims quickly as possible before they're lawsuits.

The 2nd Mile, where Jerry Sandusky worked has ceased operations and transferred them to Texas, but left a bundle of money behind as compensation.

So now the question remains ever present:
Should Penn State University Football be at an end for one season
Should PSU Football be disbanded for good?

In my thinking: PSU should be dark for one ENTIRE football season. Why? It honors the victims and it honors Joe Paterno. Just one season is all we ask for. O'Brien may not like it, but he has to accept it. All that it needs is to keep the staff paid and the players trained.

Next season, when all the trials and appeals are out of the way, PSU can truly heal and rebuild their entire program.

If the calls come for a complete program to be destroyed, that could be a provoked thought to everyone in State College. Happy Valley may be proud of their football team, but a time comes when a program has to go because one man destroyed it all:
Jerry Sandusky.

Jerry can be proud of himself now. A destroyed program, a destroyed family, and shamed his best friend: Joe Paterno.

If Jerry will judge himself a bit now, maybe it will be the one honorable thing left to him: Kill himself before all the prisoners in a Penn State Prison will take their chance on doing him in. Jerry knows he can't stay in protective custody for ever.

But whatever happens to the Penn State Football stadium, this is our plea: Go dark for one season. Simple thing. Pass it on.

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