Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nation on edge before D-Day Thursday.

G'day Everyone.

The entire nation of USA is on edge before the Decision Day that is this Thursday. Why that day? That is the day that U.S. Supreme Court, our nation's highest court that is filled with OLD justices who's minds are old as their bodies are, comes out with their last decision of the year before they take off for the long break.

What's the decision? On "Obamacare" AKA President Obama's Health care plans for America. It was a bill that was rammed through both sides of congress and signed into law as the democrats held on to power in Congress before they lost it all in 2010.

Now the question comes before the High Court since last march. They listened to the pros and cons and then they heard President Obama "Pass my law or else" comment.

At the present, anything could happen tomorrow just like on Monday when the Supreme court struck down most of the Arizona Immigration law but let stand the powers of the police to arrest and detain Illegal immigrants for violations and criminal charges. However: the following states like California, New Mexico, and Texas, as well as Arizona could all vote against President Obama and the Supreme court this fall. Romney could win those states for sure.

But you know when the Federal Government isn't doing anything to fight against illegal immigration and the Supreme Court sides with it, this could spell major trouble tomorrow.

Tomorrow's announcement by the Supreme court is the most biggest and most loaded political mine field that could ever explode for both the Democrats and the Republicans. Pure Political damage on both sides. President Obama could take a huge hit in the polls and become the worst president ever.

Whatever happens, do yourself a favor. Dig a deep political fox hole. Turn on the TV by 9am Eastern Daylight time to CNN. Dive into your foxhole. Sound the political *warning* siren at 9:45am. When the fall out begins, watch out. It could be the worst decision ever as the justices head on out to their secure bunkers for the summer break till Oct 1st, 2012 where they'll bask in security of knowing they messed up the nation again.

But one thing is clear, most of these 9 judges need to be replaced with Judges who are in their 50s and 60 years old and able to lead this nation much better and protect our freedoms.

If these present 9 judges do not protect our freedoms as they swore to uphold the law of this country, then our nation is already destroying itself from with-in. This decision could be a killing blow to everything that we hold dear of our nation.

If this happens for real, then our July 4th next week will be our farewell celebration of our nation.

But until tomorrow, please make tonight's prayer an honest one for our nation.

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