Thursday, June 28, 2012

Breaking News: Supreme Court upholds Obama care!

G'day Everyone.

In just within a space of a half hour, President Obama has just become an official lame duck President of the United States of America as the Supreme Court has just ruled the "Obama Care" has been upheld as "legal" law.

The people are mad as the justices scurry off to their protective lives as they know they just angered an entire nation that do not need this new TAX as we are in economic depression.

Now as we are learning this decision, this becomes an all new political fight for the democrats to try to win their President a 2nd term. But Mitt Romeny will be the swing vote in this nation and END Obama's term.

It is sad that Obama has done this upon the American people and it further prevents employers from hiring new workers for any reason now. So what happens down the road?

Economically, our country could crash and the states would have to fight themselves in setting up a new nation in our country. If the states begin the process to dissolution from the nation, this could be our last 4th of July as a nation.

In some ways, I personally believe Obama knew what he was going to get because he acted like he already had it. For the Democrats, their days of power could be curtailed if elections were held today.

Today, if the Republicans in congress get their way: Eric Holder could be out of a job due to the "fast and furious" fiasco.

Until then, our nation is done. Thanks to the 9 idiots on the Supreme Court. Don't we all wish we could vote them out instead of them being appointed by President? Perhaps congress should change that law to make Supreme Court to be voted on and fired by recall by the power of the voters rather than an appointment for life by any president.

So as these justices go on vacation, let us hope that they take a good look at their last view of the country. They will wish to God one day that had rejected the obama care law.

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