Friday, June 22, 2012

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions..

G'day Everyone.

Watching a court battle is one thing, but listening for a decision by a jury is another.
Most recently, a jury decision just now is rocking the Catholic church of Philadelphia to it's very core as the Catholic church once again endures bad news and that it may have to pay out more damage awards to victims of sexual abuse.
The Philadelphia Verdict

Meanwhile, Jerry Sandusky is about to rock the entire Penn State and the PSU to it's very core should a verdict come out at any time. But at the same time, Jerry Sandusky faces more future criminal charges and could very well spend more time in prison. But better yet, in a mental insitution where he can look out the window and wish he wasn't a sick patient ever again but never to be released.
The Jerry Sandusky trial.

Lately, George Zimmerman and his lawyer O'Mara are tying to taint and pollute the jury pool as much as they can before next year. But the entire idea may back fire on them as Zimmerman now has just more than a creditability problem more than ever. It may be too late for him to tell any useful truth, but the damage is done and he could face life in prison in the near future. For his own sake? It would be better if he remained in jail till his trial. But at the same time, he may very well want to plead GUILTY now before it's too late for him.
The stupid zimmerman video.

Meanwhile.. thank God for the city Council of Sanford, Florida. Now that they fired their police chief (they did the right thing to refuse his resignation), they now have to fix their corrupt police department since zimmerman fucked it up. Maybe then they can go back to past cases and insure that justice is served correctly before the Feds punish them hard.
Good luck, Sanford, Florida. Yer going to need it.

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