Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Zimmerman's bigger troubles. Could FaceBook heading to a social media end?

G'day Everyone.

It is very sudden now that Zimmerman's defense is starting to fall apart as witnesses are starting to tell the truths. If it happens like this, as it's being reported in a Florida Newspaper:
Orlando Sentinel, things could start looking bad for Zimmerman. Perhaps he better start pleading for a deal with the prosecutor or consider an ALFORD PLEA. No matter what, this could be the most complicated case of the Florida "Stand Your Ground" law. Zimmerman better wish he had just listened for once in his life. Maybe right now he may never know any better any more.

FaceBook, which started to offer stocks through the IPOs, has plenty of trouble.
Feds investigate FaceBook
What makes me concerned right now that FaceBook is so popular (along with the damned time line) among the social media outlook, that it could come to an end suddenly if the Federal investigators were to order it SHUT DOWN.

Could it happen? Who knows? keep an eye on FaceBook and the Feds. Anything can happen these days.

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