Monday, May 21, 2012

Outrage at the Dharun Ravi case!

G'day Everyone!

The gay community is going to be in a very big UPROAR at the judge who could have sentenced Dharun Ravi to more than 10 years in the NJ State Prison, only sentenced the former Rutgers student just 30 days, 300 community based service, and pay $11,000 in restitution.

The Dharun Ravi Sentence

For this judge, he had just made Tyler Clementi's gay life seem unimportant to him to give Ravi the shortest prison break possible.

In this case, the entire gay community must stand up along with the Rutgers community against this injustice and send a message clear to the court:
The death of a human being, no matter what sexual orientation they are, was caused by the another human being and must be held in accordance to the laws that established on this nation and in the State of NJ! Stop the cyberbullying on gay people!

Hopefully, the prosecution will beat the defense in making a better appeal. Even if it fails, Ravi should get on the first plane back to his home country fast as he can.

There is NO RIGHT for anyone to out or even bully/cyber bully someone who's gay. To cause someone to take their life is blood on their hands. This time, it's not only on Ravi's hands but the judge in this case as well.

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