Saturday, May 26, 2012

Comics that can make an impact on a hearing impaired kid!

G'day Everyone.

This is a very far cry from the days of 1960s when my own parents forced me to wear a hearing aid that has become a part of my life as a hearing impaired person. I never liked it back then and almost had successfully destroyed hearing aids. Not any more as I had to learn the hard way of learning to live with hearing loss. Sign language is also an acceptable help in communication too.
But given all this bad life experiences in the 1960s, I had to make do what I can of growing up and learning life.

Now and today, I am very proud of one parent who got very creative to get her own son to wear his hearing aid.


This was the most best and positive influence on a hearing impaired child to get him to wear his hearing aids for a reason. When you make those benefits clear to him, you make him see how acceptable it is for him to have it.

What about kids who told that they're "Born" Cochlear Implants? These kids were never given a chance to accept the devices that were forced on them as babies. As they grow older and being an adults, they have to make a decision in their lives. Accepting the forced devices as part of their lives or rejecting it and having it removed. This is still a major controversy in the deaf community in our lives.

Just as it was in the 1960s that the deaf community was afraid of hearing aids, it took time for acceptance to happen and they would later view that as long as hearing aids could be taken off, we'd still view that person as part of our deaf community.

But what about for the person with an implanted CI? That's a question that will take time for the previous generations of the deaf community to find acceptance while the younger deaf generations are already becoming to accept it.

However, a CI should never be implanted nor forced on a baby. A baby can suffer very much until the communicative age when it will be said how they feel about it. CIs should be only be implanted on children when they reach the age of understanding and willingness to accept the devices in their bodies.

Just like this mother got very successful for her son's sake, I give her much praise. It is a grand moment for them both.

More importantly, the disabled community are finding themselves as comic book heroes and villains in the comic book industry. Perhaps then, we can work together on the side of good and evil. Let the adventure continue! Go Hawkeye and the blue ear! You done well! Congrats to marvel comics for a job well done!!

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