Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Remembering the Military and the Hawks.

G'day Everyone.

Yesterday was Memorial Day 2012. A day that our nation took time to salute, honor, and remember our nation's military heroes of those who died and survived fighting all wars and defending our freedom. To serve in the military is the highest form of honor for those who choose to put their lives on the front lines to protect our nation 24/7/365 days a year.
To all those men and women in our armed forces, This nation gives you it's greatest praise, thanks, and prayers for all your efforts. (Even though it's a belated post here).

But Memorial Day wasn't just a special day for our nation.

For Sherlock Steve, it became a day to honor his dad (deceased) as he celebrated his birthday quietly. Sherlock went out to his favorite church in the valley where he spent time in prayer. After that, a visit to pay his respects at his dad's grave. While he was there, 7 red tailed hawks made their graceful appearance in the sky above him. They sang their cries and swooped low so that Sherlock could get a good look at them. Peaceful and graceful flights they made, they sent a calming influence upon Sherlock.

Nothing more awesome than this special day for the military and my dad.

On my way home, I saw an unmarked police car with it's emergency lights on. It had stopped a speeding driver. Not only that, but if the poor driver was driving and texting or on the cell phone at the same time, I'm sure he's going to get a nice fat ticket in which profits the state police as usual.

So if you had a great and safe weekend, be thankful it was a great one.
Welcome to the unofficial start of Summer 2012. Stay cool if you can. (I wish those tropical storms would move on!)

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