Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ravi's "Sorry" apology comes out.

G'day Everyone.

Long after the end of the Ravi trial and the end of the academic year at Rutgers University, it was very shocking to hear that Dharun Ravi decided that he needed to bare his soul openly and say that he's "Sorry".

Huffington Post Article and CNN article

While it seems like a bully like Ravi has decided to wait until his lawyer made sure that the appeals court wouldn't tack on any more time and just when it seems so likely any appeals could over turn the judge's decision, it looks to be final. Just when it seems like it's all clear, Dharun Ravi decided he might as well bare his soul and proclaim that he is SORRY and GUILTY for outing Tyler Clementi.

But to me, he still looks remorseless because he knew his roommate was hurting because of his actions. As he heads to his prison of which he could serve less than 10 days, Ravi had better hope as his time behind bars begins, he better hope he doesn't have a gay cell-mate.

For most of us, Ravi cast his apology in a too little too late stance in his last legal stand point. But what happens after that? For one thing: Rutgers University would have no choice but tell Ravi that all of his academic standing there are NIL and VOID.
One thing that Ravi should consider: Going home to India and join a religious organization where he can get himself humbled for the rest of his life.

Ravi can't ever think that he's gotten away with it. However, laws on technology crimes could change and become a lot tougher. For the judge that sentenced Ravi? He had better hope the New Jersey voters don't think of recalling him before the next election. Ravi may have gotten a rare mercy, but not any more for the next person.

Best wishes, Ravi. You have a long journey to adult life more after your jail term. Just wait till he gets home. I'll bet his mom and dad want to extend a little PUNISHMENT of their own on him.

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