Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Could our USA Government Budget Go BROKE?

G'day Everyone.

For years, our government has tried everything it can do to prevent a financial disaster upon itself. Link However, literally our nation is seeing the possible writing on the wall of what is to come.

D-Day for SSDI in 2016

Unless our Congress steps up and tells Obama this: Stop spending money that our nation DOES NOT HAVE!

For many years, our nation has struggled with the terrible fate of our nation's Economic mess.
Many of our States also struggle with their state budgets in which they didn't have much of a choice but to raise taxes. Even local cities, towns, and villages have raised their own taxes in which many of the community people are either paying so much more in property and state taxes, or doing with out things that they do not own.

Many people, like the very ones in California are doing, could end up leaving places for a lower cost of living places. But those lower cost of living places are becoming harder to find.

As unemployment insurances begins to run out for people that have been laid off (even for the deaf and disabled workers), how long will it be before SSDI is overrun with people looking for financial support? I don't want to know.

Only ONE Democratic President has done the right thing for our nation. No, it is NOT President Obama (sorry, sir). It is President Clinton! Back then President Clinton had the right idea to put our nation in a balanced budget act. For 2 years, our nation had experienced a wonderful moment of financial health.

Sadly, Clinton's own problems brought him not only down, but he was stuck by term limits and couldn't run for a 3rd term. It was less than a year after Clinton that then President Bush didn't take any responsibility to insure that our nation would stay on sound footing.

While we had less debt under Bush, Obama tripled that debt in less than 2 years after taking office.

As we head into the summer season and the freshly new graduated class of 2012 from every school is already in a battle for the existing jobs that are still left out there. How much longer before there are no jobs ? Which means our country better start getting creative to make some incentives to set up new kinds of jobs.

Until then, Today's message to congress: Balance the budget, stop the spending, or else our nation will fall apart, just like Greece is already falling!

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