Monday, May 21, 2012

Robin Gibb passes on.

G'day Everyone.

Hours less than we celebrated the death of the Lockerbie bomber, our hearts turn to mourn another music legend that passes away.

This time: Robin Gibb passes away. CNN article

It's amazing in life as God calls home various movie stars and professional people. It's as if since the lockerbie bomber went first as he was EVIL, but in like fashion of the balance of Good vs Evil, God took Gibb home.

Given the level of the cancer battle that Gibb and his family endured, it has to be a level of comfort for his family to have when the end came.

If Robin Gibb is really in heaven, perhaps then a much sweeter music will be heard.

On a personal note: Just when you made our life joyful Robin, you left us with grateful tears and memories. Be at peace in rest. Fare well.

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